February 11, 2016

Project Timeline

calendar-1Each rollout consists of moving mailboxes, calendars, creating groups and assisting you to master the new tools.

However, you don’t need to waiting for your rollout to start using Office 365. You can get started now!

Office 365 Project Timeline*

green-check-mark October 2015 Value & Feasibility Study
green-check-mark November-December 2015 Business Case
green-check-mark January 2016 Project Approval by the AUP Leadership Team
green-check-mark January – March 2016 Technical Implementation
green-check-mark February 2016 Rollout to IT Services Department
 green-check-mark 8 March 2016 Project Launch
 green-check-mark 28 March 2016 Rollout to Student Early Adopters
 green-check-mark 4 April 2016 Rollout to Staff Early Adopters
 green-check-mark 2 May 2016 Rollout to Faculty Early Adopters
 green-check-mark 2-4 June 2016 Rollout to All Students
 green-check-mark 13-17 June 2016 Rollout to All Faculty
 green-check-mark 20 June – August 2016 Rollout to All Staff