February 11, 2016

Office 365 @ AUP


Microsoft Office 365 as AUP's new communication, collaboration and office productivity platform.

The American University of Paris (AUP) requires a robust and standardized suite of office productivity tools for faculty, staff and students that can be accessed from any location, anytime. While AUP currently uses Microsoft Outlook for email and calendars,  the current overall solutions will benefit greatly from the new features in Office 365.

Why Office 365?  The Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) was requested by the AUP Leadership Team to lead the effort to evaluate and select a collaborative working environment that can be adapted and scaled to meet AUP's needs. Last fall, we evaluated and compared two commonly-used platforms in Higher Education: Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365.  After comparing the pros and cons of both solutions, we found that Microsoft Office 365 offers several compelling reasons to merit our recommendation for use at AUP.

Microsoft Office 365, a suite of tools and services, will provide significant benefit to AUP faculty, staff and students, on or off campus.  Most faculty, staff and students are already familiar with Microsoft Office software and will be able to install the new Office 365 software on their personal devices - free of charge.

I invite you to start browsing the Office 365 website to learn more about how using Office 365 can improve your day-to-day activities.



Ali Rahimi
Director, IT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Office 365 @ AUP
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  • 1. Does Office 365 allow sharing documents with people outside AUP?


    Yes, there are three ways that you can do this:

    • You can share an entire site by inviting external users to sign in to your site using a Microsoft account or a work or school account.
    • You can share individual documents by inviting external users to sign in to your site using a Microsoft account or a work or school account.
    • You can post or send users a guest link that they can use to view individual documents on your site anonymously.

    Click here to learn how to share documents with people outside AUP.

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  • 2. I already have an Office 365 subscription and Office applications are already installed on my personal computer. How can I associate my computer Office applications with my AUP Office 365 account?


    Yes, you can associate your Microsoft Office installation to your AUP Office 365 account by following the procedure below:

    1-      Open one of the Microsoft Office applications (i.e. Word)

    2-      Go to File -> Account, then you will be able to visualize / verify the software version on your right hand side (see image)

    3-      Sign out from your existing account

    4-      Sign in with your AUP Office 365 account

    If  your office version is older than 2013 , then you will have to uninstall your old version.

    To do that please follow the instructions on the link below:



    Need assistance, stop by IT service desk, or make an appointment by contacting helpdesk@aup.edu

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