How to install Office 2016 on my computer ?

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Before installing Office 2016, it is highly recommended that you uninstall any earlier versions of Microsoft Office before proceeding with the installation of Office 2016.  (Click here to see how to uninstall your previous versions of Microsoft Office. )

You can install Office 2016 on your PC or MAC by logging in to your AUP office 365 portal. On your dashboard you will be able to see a red ‘Install now’ button.  Click on ‘Install now‘.  You will see a file downloading, with a file name similar to Setup.X86.LANGUAGE-COUNTRY_O365ProPlusRetail_(serial_serialNumber).exe .  Open this file and follow the installation instructions.  After completing the installation, it is recommended that you reboot your computer.

You can also click here  see a step-by-step procedure (with videos) showing how to install Office 2016 on your PC or MAC.


If you need assistance, you can walk-in to the AUP IT service desk, or make an appointment by contacting .

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