How do I change the settings for Clutter?

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There is junk mail – which is usually spam. And then there is Clutter – which are emails Microsoft noticed you don’t really care about. Emails that end up in the Clutter folder are low-priority emails that Microsoft Outlook noticed you don’t open very often. Because things go into Clutter based on your behavior (and how important it is flagged), you can “train” Outlook to not put things in the Clutter folder. Do you just want Clutter turned off? See the directions below on how to handle your Clutter.


Turn Clutter Off

  1. Click the Settings gear
  2. Click Mail
  3. Click Clutter
  4. Click Separate items identified as clutter

Edit Clutter settings

Train Your Clutter

You may not want to get rid of  the Clutter feature all together. Thankfully, there is a way to “train” Clutter to put the emails (that you care about) back into your inbox.

Note: Moving items back into your inbox tells Clutter: Hey, from now on, I would like to start seeing these in my inbox.

  1. Make sure you are in the Mail Application in Office 365
  2. Click the Clutter folder
  3. Look through the emails, and click the Move to Inbox button (Looks like a paintbrush with a red circle)


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