How do I change my email signature? (Office 365)

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Before we begin, there are some things you will need in order to update your email signature with a snazzy picture.

  1. Office 365 Mail account – When you change your signature on one of the outlook applications (Windows, Mac, or through Office 365) , it does not update the other outlook applications. So if you plan to send email from a Mac, PC, and through the browser, you will have to go through all three tutorial sections (dont worry, they dont take very long!).
  2. Signature Media (Image) – most signatures include an image or logo of the senders organization. In our examples, we will be using the AUP Logo

Note: Click here to download the AUP logo (Right-click -> Save Image As… -> Save to your desktop)

Create and add a signature in Mail for Office 365: 

  1. Log into the Office 365 Portal
  2. Click the Settings Gear (the gear icon in the top right corner), then click Mail under the Your app settings section
  3. On the left side column, navigate to  Options > Layout > Email SignatureaccessSigBrowser2
  4. Click the Image icon, and select the AUP logo on your desktop, then click open
  5. Click enter on your keyboard to start a new line, then enter your signature as desired.
  6. Click Save
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