How do I activate Bcc?

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Using blind carbon copy (BCC) allows you to send emails without the other email recipients being visible to one another. This comes in handy when you need to send a mass email, but only want the replies to be visible to you (even if someone accidentally uses Reply All).

Another way to think about it;  if you receive an email, which utilized Bcc,  the email will not show you the other individuals who also received the same email.  So how do you activate Bcc?

Note: When composing a Bcc email, it is good practice to indicate, within the message, the group(s) the message is being sent to. (ie. “Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students”)


The Easy Way

 Click The Bcc icon in the top right corner of the email


Would you rather the Bcc field to just be there?

  1. Click the Settings gear
  2. Click Mail
  3. Click Message format



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