Can I share my Microsoft Forms?

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Yes! As the author of the form, you have three ways to share your form:

  • For users to submit their responses: This is used when your form is complete, and you are ready for others to view, and respond to your form. Their responses are recorded in the Responses section. Users with this link will only be able to submit responses to your form.
  • For users to use your form’s template: This option allows others to copy your form to use for themselves. The link allows them to recieve a duplicate of the form’s questions. Don’t worry, the copied form does not receive the original forms responses.
  • For users to collaborate with you on your form: This option allows others to view and edit your form’s questions, options, and responses – anyone with this link can change your form. This is convenient for team collaboration and results sharing.


We will walk through each method of sharing.


Each method requires the Microsoft Form’s author to:

  1. Log-on to Office 365 using the portal, then open the Microsoft Forms application
  2. Open an existing Form, or create a new form
  3. Click Share







To share your form for other users to submit their responses: 

  1. Under Send and collect responses, click the drop-down menu. This will allow you to choose the audience you would like to respond to your form
  2. Use the generated link to share your form for other users to submit their responses





To share your form for users to use your form’s template:

  1. Under Share as a template, click Get a link to duplicate
  2. Send the generated link to anyone you would like to have a personal copy of your form




To share your form for other users to collaborate with you:

  1. Under Share to collaborate, use the generated link to collaborate on your form.

Note: Anyone with the collaboration link will be able to edit your form and view the form results, be careful who you share this with



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